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December 30, 2009


Purple is my fav color, so I love it when I can throw some purple in there :)

I love scrapping with earthtones- greens, beiges and browns or rich deep colors like burgundy, gold or royal blue.

I primarily scrap heritage LO's, so i am a huge fan of the earthy tones, olive greens, navy blues, all shades of browns, & greys, and not forgetting some english rose pinks and burgandys too. yummy, these colours make my scrappy little heart sing!!

wow....this is a toughy...I'd have to say #1 white....then I can make it any color I need it to be
#2,3,4,5....anything earthtone

Have a wonderful New Year....and yes the G45 paper SNEAKS are YUMMY!!!

I have been following the sneaks, and they are fabulous! Um,...yes, of course, any of us would love some of their "yummy Graphic45 goodness"

My favorite mix of colors to scrap with is green, blue and orange.

Thank you for a chance. :) And Happy New Year!

I love green!!! So I try to incorporate it into most of my layouts, even if just a little!! Other than that, I love to experiment and work with everything, from brights to muted colors, and neutrals, and every once in a while I will try something with pastel, even though that is not my fave. Love, Jess

my favorite colors lately are white and blues/yellows for scrapping!

mine would be pink, green and blue. :)

I love to use reds,browns and golds. That graphic 45 looks yummy!

I love working with rich colors such as greens and burgandy. Also I love to dress up black's and browns.

Ohh wow - that is one cool prize!

My fav colors are brown, pink, greens, blues and soft yellows!

I love kraft paired with brown and reds.

BROWN!!! but I also love to create in greens and blues :)

thanks for the opportunity to win the prize!

My go-to combination is blue and orange with some white and black for accents. I love the bright, cheery feeling of blue and orange!!

Pink is my favorite color ever... but brown & blues come in a close second.

Favorite colors for scrapping are vintage colors...the washed out olive green, teal blue, etc. I love the aged sepia look. Of course when I'm not working on heritage scrapbooks I experiment with just about any color combo. :)

I love kraft, brown, red and olive green! My favorite vintage color scheme! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love earth tones, caramel, chocolate, greens, with a splash of colour added like aqua or red! I love all colours, who wants to settle for one or two favourites!

I love brown with anything, but usually put it with pink or aqua! And of course, white is a staple on all my layouts.

I am usally drawn to the red, blue, and torquoise combo of colors. Earthtones as well too.

I like mixing soft pastels with vintage browns! Like red,soft yellow and aqua mixed with Tim Holtz' Vintage Photo Distress Ink. I love that stuff!
Happy New Year!

I scrap with alot of green, red and blue. Pretty basic but looking through my work, thats what I see the most.

Ok, so I am going to be totally honest I LOVE ALL colors.......except purple!! I just can't find great ways to bring it into my work!! Maybe that will change since DD and I bought some alcohol inks and her fav out of them is eggplant!!! LOL!!

I love to use earthy colors like greens and browns. But I love to use the deep bright colors on occasion as well! thanks for a chance

I'm an earth tones kinda girl, but I also love a good pop of red or yellow. Happy New Year!

I love to combine pink and chocolate brown, or teal and chocolate brown... mmmm chocolate. Ok, maybe I'm just hungry, LOL!

Love Graphic 45!
My favorite color combo is kraft with bright lime green...or powder blue Bazzill cardstock with pretty much anything.

I love so many colors!!! Lately though, I scrap lots with kraft and pink, cream & blue.

My fav scrapping colors are teal, red, and brown. Thanks for the great giveaway!

What a great opportunity! I love maroons and purples...my favorites!!

I love black with red or magenta They're so lovely :)

Lately my faves have been red, turquoise, black & pink

I love warm neutral colors, lots of browns and creams.

My fave color used to be pink. But now I tend to sway towards browns and deep reds and blues, and the occasional green.

The funny thing for me is that I scrap mostly in colors that I normally wouldn't choose for clothing. I am constantly running out of bright red, yellow and green. Other than that, can I just say rainbow?

Lately I have been loving red, especially in a deep subdued shade! Funny, but one of my least favorite colors is the one that people say I do well with when scrapbooking...yellow!

I have always loved the deep reds with all of the greens and moody yellows. I think they set a timeless mood! These colors together give off the illusion of brown tones without even using them which I think makes them vintage colors!

Orange is definitely my favorite color in general...and I just love when I see it in scrapbooking lines :) Thanks for the chance to win. Graphic 45 has such unique products!

My fave colors are pinks, blues and brown:-)


I can't stay away from red and yellow and blue! I guess I'm a primary girl!

Black and yellow, great combo. I would love some Graphic 45 goodness!

i love earth colors - green and brown always find their way in my layouts.

Wow, so nice of y'all to share with us :)

I love using Kraft on boyish cards... but I always try to use greens and blues on my cards!

Thanks! ~ margie

I love the deep rich jewel tone colors and the array of earth tones and heritage greens.

It seems that purples have been catching my eye lately...but I adore anything with a deep, saturated colour combined with neutrals. Love love love! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

WOWSERS, this is a hard one...My fav colors to scrap with are yellows, oranges and reds ;) Just lifts my spirits when I work with those colors ;)

Colors....I really like majorly contrasting colors on emotionally edgy layouts, fun and bright colors for the kids' pages and love to try just about everything. Still can't bring myself to love pastels, though ;-)

Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous G45!

I love to use white space with a splash of color, something bright, like red!!! :)

I have been watching the G45 blog and their new collections look fabulous!

I love your paper but my favorite colors are actually shades of purple. From the deepest to the lightest shade of purple.

I love pinks and earthy colors.

I'm loving what I am seeing unfortunately no one carries Graphic 45 around me I have gone to my LSS's and asked but they don't carry it. My fav scrappy colours are red, blue, black, white, green, brown anything but purple.

Great contest, I love Graphic 45. I love to scrap with brown and blue. Add in any other accent color and it almost always looks great.

My all-time fave color for scrapping is black. The kraft is a close second.

But for bright, happy colors, my ultimate favorite is turquoise.

Happy New Year!

Nina from the Philippines

black & white with a fun color pop :)
LOVE Graphic 45!!
happy new year!!

My favorite scrappy color has got to be orange. Although I really like them ALL!

My fave colours to scrap are normally very muted and natural - wine, beige, brown - anything with an earthy and shabby chic feel to it.... Graphiv 45 is completely perfect! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win some of their new lines!

This is easy! PINK! A touch of pink goes with absolutely anything and everything! It always adds a special something and seems to make all the other color hues "POP" a bit more because of it.

aka "pinkscrapper"

Love scrapping earth tones, especially browns!

I like yellow, teal and a little brown now.

I love red, white, black, dark blue and green. Lovin Graphic 45!!!

Kraft, green & brown are my favs!

I love the papers of Graphic 45 because of their prints and the colors black, white, brown and some red, blue and green. Thanks for this wonderful prize to win. Look forward to the new release On the Boardwalk.

Sometimes bright and funky colors, other times darker or more earthy ones. Depends on the picture and what I try to express.

I love scrapping with bright colors.

i love all kinds of colors specially if there are reds on it... (vintage or brights) it just makes you page pop!!!

I love neutral colors, greys, browns, blues you know vinatage looking stuff!

i love bold color like teal mixed with red... yellow with black...

I love neutral colors, which is why I make sure I am never without white, kraft, cream, black, or brown cardstocks in my stash! They just go with everything-from bold, retro and pastels-and that versatility works for me since I never know what picture(s) will capture my attention to scrap!

I love creams and browns, pastel blue and sage.

Favorite colors - hmmmm - all of them? I don't work well with pastels, inked and distessed bright colors seem to be used quite a bit!

NOT pastels!! LOL, I have 2 baby girls and not a single pinky LO.

My current crazes are deep red, navy blue, cobalt blue, teal, sunshine yellow, charcoal, ivory and kraft.

Thanks for the chance to win the G45 pack!!

I'm more of a brown girl...love using different shades of browns! Been using a lot of kraft recently. And browns go GREAT with G45!! :)

I think my favorite would be blue. I have a young son, so that makes sense. Other colors I really like are any shade of red or orange.

I love neutral colors...and anything "distressed" looking.

I love color and the more I see the happier I am! My fave color would have to be green and a touch of rusty red!

I always love kraft (is that a color?) I also really love pink, bright blues, and greens.

This is really hard to narrow down. It really depends on my mood and subject. But shades of pink would be my number 1 choice except when I do pages for my son :)

Thanks for the offer of a prize!

i'm loving blue and brown for my boy pages!!!

I love scrapping with brown, mixed with just about anything!

I love using Graphic 45 papers. Right now I love using the colours black and cream. My two latest card is made in these colours..

I love pretty much anything with kraft!

Any vintage inspired papers from pastels to neutrals - especially G45 papers!

happy new year!! so lovin the new graphic 45 lines - simply amazing!! my all time fave colors to scrap with are - yellows and greens! super fun contest! smiles, m-

Lately, I have using a lot of teal, brown and white! Love that colour combination!

omg, I really really need this line. My favorite color changes daily, but my daughter pointed out that I usually choose green and orange.

Love the vintage look of this!! love the colors - I have a hard time finding pp for the men in my family and I love this!

OMG absolutely gorgeous! I can not wait to get my hands on that stuff!! I love the diversity and can see so many possibilities with this line!

Thanks for the chance to win. The colors I love to scrap with are typically greens and browns. This new line from graphic45 is gorgeous.

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